Ichthyosaur Sticker


Ichthyosaurs Wild and Free.



The ichthyosaur is a noble majestic dinosaur that plied the waters of the mesozoic oceans across the globe. Back then the T-Rex rode on the backs of the Ichthyosaur as they herded their flocks of prehistoric manatees. In many ways, the T-Rex was the first cowboy and the Ichthyosaur was the first horse.

Fast forward to modern times and the Ichthyosaur is the state fossil of Nevada resting in peace under the surface of the Great Basin while Mustangs run wild and free on the surface.

Let’s take a moment to imagine a world in which mega-redators swim wild and free in the waters of the modern west. Let’s agree that that would be freaking awesome. Let’s start a movement. They say of the mustangs, let ’em run? I say, they’re gonna run either way.


This is a nice vinyl sticker. It won’t swim, but it will survive a dunking.


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