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Frogs are neat. Kids love frogs. This frog is particularly neat. Frogs in general are very sensitive to environmental stimulus and act as species that indicate the health of an ecosystem. I wonder what it would be like to breather through your skin and how smoke, fumes, and dust would affect you. I wonder what cinnamon rolls would smell like if you har to breathe through your skin…

bornean flat headed frog
bornean flat headed frog



The Bornean flat-headed frog is unique among frogs. Plain and simply, it lacks lungs. it breathes entirely through it’s skin due to diffusion of oxygen. The funny thing is, it’s not a matter of them never evolving lungs, but rather a matter of them losing their lungs once they had been evolved. Other organs fill the cavity where lungs would be expected which give the frog a flatter appearance, this also helps to increase surface area and therefore the rate at which oxygen is absorbed.