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Free World?

Depending on where you live, it may seem like we live in a free world. Or even just a free country. But it isn’t that simple. The image below...



Melting metal in warm water. A good way to demonstrate the strangeness of certain materials. Check out the link to get a kit to make your own gallium...

Music Lessons

This is why we’re making you learn to play guitar/piano/bass/etcetera.  -M
Whole Wide World – Wreckless Eric (by lantzn)

Nature Boy

This is just a good video. Nothing to learn here. Or is there?  -M
Mad Men Theme Song … With a Twist (by VideosRecordedLive)



What’s happening in this video? The associated radio program suggests that the common thread throughout the Universe is asymmetry. What do you think...

bodie ghost town

Ghost Towns

Things don’t always move forward, sometimes they go backward.  -M

(via Ten abandoned cities |


I realize that before you answer the question “how is an hourglass made,” you might have to answer, “what is an hourglass?”  -M Source: Make: Online...