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Lakes the size of oceans, totems that tower above the tracks, leaves that change colors, fall to the ground and block out the sun. The images in Photographer Jeff Friesen’s Ghost Train Crossing Canada gallery are magical and seem to be from another world of a scale that dwarfs even the long trains that cross it. But it’s just Canada…

Ghost Train Crossing Canada
Ghost Train Crossing Canada by Jeff Friesen.

These images of a toy train posed in the amazing landscape of Canada are wonderful!

“There’s plenty of magic left to find in country big enough to hide mountain ranges. Considering Canada is 8000 kilometres (5000 miles) wide, it’s remarkable how many people set out to cross the country from sea-to-sea. With so much ground to pass beneath you, this is one pilgrimage where the journey really is the destination. Wether by car or bicycle, train or canoe, travellers form their own river running across the landscape. Not too long ago I saw a man pushing a shopping cart down the highway in one of Saskatchewan’s lonelier spaces. A small Canadian flag waved out from the bundle in the cart. Sure enough, I saw the same man, now longer in the beard, pushing his cart on the outskirts of Winnipeg three weeks later. What he is discovering we can only dream.” [Jeff Friesen]

View the rest of Jeff Friesen’s Ghost Train images here. And more train posts from The Gizzard Stone can be found here.


source: My Modern Met

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