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This is a creative interpretation of imagery from NASA’s STEREO or Solar TErrestrial RElations Observatory. This is a project consisting of two satellites that observe the Coronal Mass Ejections of the Sun and how they travel towards Earth with the goal of understanding better what they are and why they happen and how they affect us here on this blue dot.

STEREO combines images from both satellites into one image and this video includes images from the long journey from the observatories as the left the space near Earth and traveled to their final orbits. You can see the Milky Way Galaxy, CMEs, background stars, passing planets and even comets.

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STEREO constantly captures imagery and data of the entire surface of the sun. Since there are two STEREO observatories in space, one ahead of the Earth in it’s orbit and one behind, combined with the Solar Dynamic Observatory scientists can track solar surface features even when they are facing away from the Earth. This blog post about STEREO will make your brain hurt a little, but check it out anyway.

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