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I’m taking the family to Yosemite for 3 nights camping in the valley. Most of my camping in the last decade has been either backpacking or fast and light car camping where I’d just throw something on the grill or eat out of a can so my camping kitchen isn’t what it should be for prepping french toast or a proper BBQ around a fire. A few months ago I bought the REI Pack N Prep Tote/Table, which is awesome, especially for primitive camping without any facilities like a table. Now, I’ve bought a new round of things to go inside it.

New Camp Kitchen Gear

Note: I’m still aminimalist, so some of this may seem a little undersize to the boyscout types, but I think it’ll work for us. It’ll also all fit inside the Tote/Table.

Red Camp Kitchen Tote Table

MSR Stowaway Stainless Steel Cooking Pot

MSR Stowaway Pot - 1600ml

  • Compact
  • Built in handle
  • steel (aluminum is not great)

MSR Alpine Kitchen Knife

  • MSR Alpine Kitchen KnifeSmall and light
  • Protective Case

Nalgene Bottles

We have a kings ransom in water bottles. These are for the important stuff: Syrup, Cholula and Cream

Flat Oval Bottle - 4 fl. oz.REI Stainless Silverware

  • REI Campware Stainless-Steel Utensil Set Steel: aluminum is too weak, plastic is too melty
  • Feel like regular utensils
  • Small enough for the dude

REI eCycle Snack Container

This is for sugar. We like our sugar with coffee and cream.

  • REI eCycle Snack Containerrecycled plastic
  • secure attached lid
  • holds a lot of sugar

REI Campware Sierra Cup

This is for my son. He’s 2.5 years old and this should stand up to getting dropped, stepped on, thrown, and rapped on the table.REI Campware Sierra Cup

  • Steel = Strong
  • Fold away handle

REI Campware Silicone Spatula

This is just like the nice fancy one we have at home, except my wife won’t rag on me for leaving it dirty in the sink for a week.REI Campware Silicone Spatula

  • Steel handle won’t burn or get chewed up by the dog, or rot if left in a wet pot for a month
  • Spatula is also sort of a spoon

GSI Salt and Pepper Shaker

I thought about getting a multi spice shaker, but when I camp I season with salt, pepper, bacon or cholula.

GSI Outdoors Salt and Pepper ShakerThat’s it. Will check back in once I’ve broken it all in on our Yosemite trip!


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