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When I was a kid I spent a bit of time in detention. I don’t remember why, it’s not like I was a hooligan or anything, but kids will be kids. Anyway, I remember one time sitting around missing recess, not being supervised and getting tired of counting ceiling tiles. So I picked up a little retractable disposable pen and started clicking it. After a few minutes I annoyed myself so I started chewing on it. I feel like this progression is probably a described psychological behavior that speaks to my personality. Whatever, badda bing, badda boom, I take the thing apart to see how it works. Fascinating. And thus started my love affair with trying to figure out how things work and being utterly perplexed and eventually deciding I wanted to be w writer. Of sorts…

TL:DR Engineering Guy on YouTube

So I came across this cool YouTube Channel video where University of Illinois professor Bill Hammack provides an illustrated explanation how a simple Nerf blaster gun works. Love this kind of thing! And he even has a video explaining retractible pens! Check out EngineeringGuy on YouTube.



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