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Spoiler alert: we didn’t roll the 4Runner.

One of the first places I went rock climbing when we moved to Reno almost 20 years ago, was Pig Rock. See if you can pick it out..

The big kid climbs here are really hard, for the most part. But there are a couple of easy climbs that the kids had fun on.

Lightning Dragon is getting good on the rock with our weekly visits to the climbing gym in Reno. He’s learning knots and starting to learn to belay. Generally getting the feel for being on the rock and working with ropes.

Rocket pours sand out of his shoes at Pig Rock

Our friends had fun climbing for the first time as well.

After a lunch of hot dogs we went up to Old Chief rock and got ourselves up the unknown 40 foot bolted 10.c. The kids found something to do up there too.

Then we headed up the canyon to try to run the unnamed 4×4 road that is shown on the USGS Topo map of the area. The road starts up the wash, with no real obstacles to speak of. The way has definitely been washed out a lot with last year’s rains and we soon came to the worst of it.

4Runner, Power Wagon and All-Terrain Camper at Pig Rock, Nevada

So we headed on out having some fun on the way with the intent of looking for the other end of the 4×4 trail. one wash crossing turned out to be a little gnarlier than we expected.

I backed up a couple times to get the factory elocker on my 4runner to come on. If I hadn’t switched on the locker before crossing this I probably would have needed Shawn to winch me back out of it. As it was, I was able to drive right out of it no problem.

The power wagon got some wheels off the ground as well.

Power Wagon Flexing out in a wash near Pig Rock, Nevada

I want to take a minute and make sure you guys appreciate the work Danielle does behind the camera. She’s a really good sport when I tell her to jump out, and run up a hill to get a shot… Thanks honey bunny!

We got as far up that 4×4 track as we could, but it’s definitely rock crawler territory now. So if you’re up for a challenge, head on out give it a go. I’ll post a link to the GPS track in the description so you can go check it out.

My iPad Mini4 + Gaia GPS Setup works great on my home made accessory mounting bracket.

Even so, there are a lot of really cool rocks in the area to scramble around on, and a lot of them hold described climbing routes as well. Check out the Locals Guide to Rock Climbs of Tahoe for pretty good descriptions of the whole area around Pig Rock.

A beautiful end to a balmy winter day in the backcountry of Nevada.
A beautiful end to a balmy winter day in the backcountry of Nevada.

That’s it, thanks for joining our little adventure! If you though this looked like fun, go ahead and subscribe to the channel. If not, hay, no problem it was fun having you along this time. Happy trails.

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