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In my never ending struggle to align my 20 month old son’s music taste with my own and avoid We Sing In Silyville as long as possible, I search my iTunes library and CDs for artists, tracks and albums that I love, and that i think HE will love.

One of the best places where our tastes overlap is with The Capitol Collectors Series compilation of Louis Prima. The album has 26 tracks of Louis Prima Big band music, many of which feature Keely Smith, whom he maried in 1953. Prima and Smith were a great duo with Smith playing it straight and Prima haming it up with some wild antics and energetic singing and trumpet playing.

It’s infectuous. With the energy and jazz Prima puts into his music you can’t help but grove to these songs. Kids take their cues on how to react to things from us, the parents. Which is why kids music is usually so saccharine. What is awesome about Prima is that he get that energy without being annoying. His version of “When You’re Smiling” is about my favorite track on the album. Check out the liver version below.

Most are love songs, which is cool. There’s nothing untoward. The only thing that could be unsavory is “Just a Gigolo.” But that word never comes up in modern life so I figure it’s harmless enough. But it’s also one of my favorite songs…

Like I said, the album has 23 tracks. Most are under 3 minuts and there aren’t really any sleepers or throw aways. Preview it below:

If you like Jazz, and you want something energetic and fun for your kid that won’t make you retch, try Louis Prima.

Also, check out the interview Terry Gross did with Keely Smith on Fresh Air.


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