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As a human being, a man and most importantly a dad one of the most important and frequent requests from the world, and your children is to cut things, and stick things together. Part of my every day carry (edc) for the last 6 years has been a pocket knife and nothing short of a flux capacitor could be more handy. I use it multiple times every single day.

But recently I realized that a bit of the opposite ability would be just as handy, that of adhesion. So i found the Keychain Duct Tape from Gearward. But that is a bit too shiny for my taste, so I figured I could make something of my own.

You will need

  1. Paracord
  2. A lighter: I used a bic lighter with an Exotac Fire Sleeve
  3. Scissors or a knife
  4. A straw
  5. Gorilla Tape

Step one:

Paracord Keychain Gorilla TapeCut 24 inches of Paracord and burn the ends with the lighter. Pinch them or crimp with plyers[hr]

Step two:

Paracord Keychain Gorilla TapeFind the center of the paracord and tie a diamond knot as close to the end of the loop as possible. This will make for a compact keychain and also give you enough to tie the second knot. Tighten and dress the knot. [hr]

Step 3:

Paracord Keychain Gorilla TapeTie another diamond knot directly below the first. Spacing needs to be just over and inch. So dress the knot and tighten so that it ends up about an inch from the first knot.[hr]

Step 4:

Paracord Keychain Gorilla TapeCut a piece of the straw to one inch using the tape as a guide. Then snip the straw lengthwise creating a flat rectangle of straw. Then slip that over the two strands of paracord between the knots.[hr]

Step 5:

KCDT - 5Roll some gorilla tape onto the straw between the knots. Take your time to line up the roll and do it as neatly as you can. Use as much tape as you want, but about 24 inches is a manageable thickness and should be enough to be useful in a pinch.[hr]

Step 6:

KCDT - 6Trim the ends of the paracord and burn them with a lighter. I fused them together so as to be neater. For maximum practicality you might want to fuse them separately so that you can easily unravel the paracord if a parenting emergency necessitates 24 inches of paracord.[hr]




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