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skiI’ve always loved snow. It’s magical surface to walk through, sculpt, slide across and eat by the handful.

My son loves snow too and as it falls and we explore the ranch we live on I see him discover and experience the wonder of snow the way I remember it. It’s wonderful to see.

It’s amazing to take him sledding, to take him skiing, to watch as he climbs and jumps and pounces in the snow. I wrote about a great place to play in the snow at Lake Tahoe here.

Here are some great posts by some great dads about the wonder of snow.

Kids Remind Me Snow Does More than Just Block the Driveway

But, soon, I know my children will remind me even the Grinch eventually understood the magic of winter. They will wake up one morning and leap onto our bed in celebration of the first major snowfall – which mysteriously always seems to take place under the cover of night. They will rush to get their snow suits on and ask that I not scrape the car windows before they have a chance to etch their names into the frost. They will make me promise not to shovel more than is absolutely needed to thread our way down the driveway in the morning. Read More

by Kenny Bodanis

Record Breaking Inch of Snow Hits Chicago

Snowballs might be the best toy in the world. There is nothing else you can throw at another person that packs a soft punch then completely dissolves, nary a trace. There’s nothing to clean up, nothing to apologize for, and nothing to do but retaliate. Snowball fights are the only battles without casualties, without losers. Read More

by Robert Duffer

Scouts and Snow

August wanted to take some pictures of the camp, so I let him. Having snow is a novelty for us, let alone this much of it. Where you live copious amount of snow may be just another part of your winter experience, but for us, it was a bit of a novelty. Read More

by Daniel monk Pelfrey

Weather forecast in our area is calling for snow tomorrow. We can’t wait!


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