Baffin Island: A Skier’s Journey EP2 [Season 2] from Jordan Manley Photography on Vimeo.

This is a video produced by Jordan Manley Photography which follows 5 skiers on a spring time trip the the  Fjords of Baffin Island, Canada.

High in the Canadian Arctic, 5 friends venture to the frozen fjords of North West Baffin Island during spring time. Ancient and colossal, these branching hallways of rock are the domain of seals and polar bears, and relied upon by local Inuit hunters. For visiting skiers, the fjords are nothing short of a dream. In every direction, giant couloirs ascend thousands of feet above the sea ice, weaving in between some of the tallest and cliffs on the planet. Baffin Island: A Skier’s Journey EP2 [Season 2] is a step through these magical spaces. (Jordan Manley Photography)

About Baffin Island

Baffin Island is in the far north of Canada off the coast between Canada and Greenland. Baffin is a large island, the largest in Canada, and at 507,541 square kilometers, it’s the 5th largest island in the world. Only about 11,000 people live on Baffin Island.

Though the climate of Baffin Island is harsh, it is home to a fair amount of year round wildlife residents including Polar Bears. Baffin also has arctic wolf, and a grey wolf sub species, the Baffin Island Wolf, Caribou, arctic hare, arctic fox and lemming.

Baffin Island Photos

Baffin Island in summer
Baffin Island in summer photo by pmorgan on Flickr
Baffin Bay, Canadá (NASA Terra-Modis)
Snow cover is retreating from the coast of Greenland (right), exposing bare ground in this true-color MODIS image. Baffin Island, Canada, is at the lower left, across the ice-filled Davis Strait.
Baffin Island Fjord
Baffin Island Fjord by J P Newell on Flickr


Geologically, a fjord (/ˈfjɔərd/ or Listeni/ˈfɔərd/; also spelt fiord) is a long, narrow inlet with steep sides or cliffs, created in a valley carved by glacial activity. (Wikipedia)

Since Baffin Island is mostly above the Arctic Circle, and sees long cold winters with little sunlight, most of it is covered with sheets and rivers of ice called glaciers. As snow piles up year after year it compacts into dense ice. As the ice gets heavier and heavier it begins to flow very slowly down hill. As the tens of thousands of tons of ice flow past rocks and mountains they carve deep channels through the land. As these glaciers reach the ocean, the channels they have carved over tens of thousands of years fill with sea water and the mountains create narrow channels of sea called Fjords.

Two additional things cause Fjords. First, over the last ice age, there was so much ice sitting on top of the northern parts of Canada and Europe that it pushed the Earths crust down below where it is today. Since then it has been rising like a cork bobbing in a pool. This is called Isostasy. Second, as the ice from the last ice age melts, sea levels rise. When sea levels rise faster than the land rebounds from the weight of the ice, you get fjords that flood the glacier valleys.

Baffin Island Map

Baffin Island Map



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