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The way we see the world depends on our perspective. For example, check out this little optical illusion video from Richard Wiseman.

How big or small something appears relative to other things depends greatly on it’s position relative to others, and, most importantly, to your eye balls. For the above illusion to work at all, you have to be watching it stuck in one position unable to move.

I’ve posted about 3D street art here before. Below is another example of a 3d Street art piece that is only 3d to the viewer in one particular place on the street.

Peanuts Abbey Road 3D Street Art
Peanuts Abbey Road 3D Street Art

But that’s only what it looks like as you’re crossing the street. From the corner, it looks like this.

Peanuts Street Art oblique perspective
Peanuts Street Art oblique perspective

So, the moral of the story is not to never trust your eyes, or not to trust bald people, but to always walk around and see things from a different perspective.


More about the Peanuts Abbey Road 3D art piece from Universal Studios Japan on Magical Urbanism.

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