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This is both creepy and cool. The interviews are kinda corny, but the snake footage is awesome. If your kid likes bats more than snakes then this isn’t a good post for you. Or maybe this is a good time to talk about the circle of life…

A few times a year we go on adventures to see places and animals we’ve never seen before. In August 2011, we heard stories about a remote cave in Puerto Rico that was home to a healthy bat population. Starting at dusk, these bats were said to emerge from the cave in extraordinary numbers. At the mouth of the cave, Puerto Rican Boas (Epicrates inornatus) would wait, dangling off the of the cave walls to capture bats in midair. If these stories were true, we had to see this cave and we wanted to capture the bats and boas on film. [Vimeo]

Puerto rican boa in a cave
Puerto rican boa in a cave. Photo by Neil Losin

Since the karst region in which the Puerto Rican Boa lives usually has many caves, the Boa has the opportunity to feed on bats. It was previously unknown how the boa managed to capture the bats on flight. Observations revealed that boas hang at the opening of the cave, waiting until bats fly out of it. Then they grab a bat with their jaws before killing it via constriction. [Wikipedia]



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