There are a number of options available for mounting a rail above the main infotainment screen on the 2016 to 2020 Toyota Tacoma where you can mount phones and tablets and other devices. All are fairly expensive and all require drilling into the main plastic bezel that surrounds most of the dashboard elements.
I was searching for a way to do this much more simply using 3M mounting tape and found the RAM Mounts Tough Track product which costs under $10 and looked like it would mount up with tape perfectly. I took the measurements and realized it would require modifying the track, but since it only cost $8 I ordered it up.
The RAM Tough track is made of Delrin plastic so it’s easy to modify with common woodworking tools.

Modifying the Tough Track

My plan was to use a little plane to shave off the material. It’s been in my tool box for years and this is the first opportunity I’ve had to use it.
Some issues with the block plane were that material builds up and is hard to clear. Then if you dig a notch into the plastic, it’s hard to get started again. I quickly discovered that shaving it down with a utility blade was going to be the best method.
I cleaned up the edge with a file, and kept checking it against the space in the truck and coming back
to remove more material.
A few cycles of this and the fit was pretty good. If you need to fine tune the fit, just go back to the bench and shave off a little more material.

Mounting to the Bezel

In the 3rd gen Tacoma, the main bezel comes right out.  Just use a bit of force to get one end off, then work the rest loose.
Once on the bench, you’ll want to clean everthing really well for the tape to adhere well. I used 409 to clean both parts, then Alcohol wasn’t available when I did this, but if you have that it would be a good idea to rub it down first.
The two tape options are the 3M Extreme black rubber mounting tape and the 3M white foam mounting tape. You’ll see me use the extreme here, but I later switched to the White Foam tape. The Extreme tape will melt under dashboard temps and fail.
Lay the tape down lining up one edge so you hale less trimming to do. Smooth it flay with your fingers. Cut it to length with scissors and then trim the sides off with a razor blade. Set the rail in place and mark the position with a piece of tape.
Peel off the backing and stick it down.
Next add as many pinch clamps as you have to hold the tape surfaces together while it adheres. After a few minutes you can remover the clamps and inspect the assembly to see if it all looks good.
Installing the bezel back in the truck is a simple matter of lineing it up,  and pushing the clips back in.

Assemble the RAM Mounts

Then assemble the RAM mounts by sliding on the ball and track bolt assembly and rightening it down where you want it. The clamp arm goes over that, with the phone mount on the other side.  Tighten the side clamp to secure all up.
The RAM mounts are nice and secure and easy to use, but they do require two hands to mount an dun mount. Unlike the Niteize steelie or any other magnet mount which is baster, but less secure.

Does It Work?

Short answer, Yes! It works great! Even on a bumpy road with a phone and an iPad.
The RAM mounts move around a bit, but it’s not the mounting that lets them move. Since the mounts stand off the mount a few inches, and they’re made of plastic, and are designed to flex, they bounce a bit. But they would on any mounting setup. So the tape and Tough track is quite secure. In my experience with this tape, if you get good adhesion, with no ends pulling up, the tape will remain solid for a long time. Just make sure you use the 3M Scotch Brand 112L Permanent Mounting Tape.
Materials links:
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* RAM Mounts (RAM-B-166-UN8) Twist Lock Suction Cup Mount with Universal X-Grip Ii Holder for 7″ Tablets Including The Ipad Mini 1-3

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