American Lava. from AJRCLIPS on Vimeo.

Another video from AJRClips on Vimeo (See the Star Trails Time Lapse from the International Space Station from Yesterday here). This video is from the Kilauea Volcano in Hawaii. Kilauea is a shield volcano that spews out lava in globs, rivers and hot glowing ropey goo balls.

Shield Volcanoes are mostly composed of liquid lava flows. They are usually now explosive and not very high and pointy. They are low and broad since the lava can flow away from the mouth of the volcano. So the look like a warriors shield. Kilauea is one of 5 shield volcanoes that make up the island if Hawaii, the largest island in the south pacific island chain and the largest shield volcanoes in the world.

Lava Facts

Lava is liquid rock. Lava is hot. Very hot. it ranges from 800° C to 1,200° C. Compared to your house, which is about 16° C. Lava is liquid rock on the surface after it leaves the volcano. Before it gets to the surface of the earth it’s called magma. [Wikipedia: Lava]

There are different kinds of Lava. The lava in the video above is called pahoehoe. Pahoehoe lava is smooth and ropy in texture and solidifies like icing that has been drizzled over a cake. But it is not nearly as tasty. [Wikipedia: Lava]

Hawaii and it’s volcanoes are part of an archipelago. The word archipelago comes from an ancient Greek word referring to the Aegean Sea or the Aegean Islands. Now it has come to refer to any island chain. Specifically, it refers to a chain of islands formed be volcanic activity. [Wikipedia]

More Volcano Videos

Iceland, Eyjafjallajökull – May 1st and 2nd, 2010 from Sean Stiegemeier on Vimeo.

This is an amazing time lapse video shot in Iceland last year when an eruption and the resulting ash cloud hampered air travel over Europe for weeks.

Volcano Eruption in Iceland from O Z Z O Photography on Vimeo.

More Icelandic volcanic Lava.

Another video from the same shield Volcano above.

Kilauea Volcano, on the island of Hawaii rests on the eastern flank of Mauna Loa, the largest shield volcano on Earth. The Pu’u ‘Ō’ō vent on Kilauea began it’s eruption phase in 1982 and continues to this day, making it one of the planet’s most active volcanoes. [Kent Tate on Vimeo]

Lava Photos

Halemaumau crater of the Kilauea volcano
Stars, and the glow over the Halemaumau crater of the Kilauea volcano on Big Island, Hawaii. Image by
Kilauea volcano. The Big Island of Hawai'i. USA
Kilauea volcano. The Big Island of Hawai'i. USA. Photo by: shchukin on Flickr
The Department of Pele Works (DPW) says that the Chain of Craters Road is closed due to lava from the Kilauea volcano. This now-ironic sign was embedded in slow-moving pahoehoe lava a few years back. Photo by Michael Holden on Flickr
Lava floe in Hawaii
Pahoehoe Lava flow in Hawaii. Photo by Z T Jackson on Flickr



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