Sometimes the strange things fall from the sky, sometimes we dig them up in mines. The plots of our favorite science fiction movies get more and more plausible the more you know. This week I’ve got some Klerksdorp Spheres for you. The 3 billion year old carbonate concretions are almost perfectly formed spheres or disks from half a centimeter to 10 centimeters in diameter with perfectly spaced horizontal lines on them.

klerksdorp sphere
This is a file from the Wikimedia Commons

By all scientific accounts, the rounded objects with even latitudinal grooves are 3 billion-year-old rocks that were naturally formed by carbonate concretions. Over the process of their development the tiny pyrophyllite spheres, which range in size from .5-10 cm, were created when minerals formed in the space between sediments. Weathering of these specimen left them as tiny balls, with evenly spaced lines circumscribing them.(Atlas Obscura)

But it’s very hard for us humans with our big brains and higher reasoning to accept that something so perfect could have been formed randomly. There is even some lore and mystery around them including the (false) claim that they rotated in their display cases on their own and that they occur from non natural metals. But like the wild west photo I found last week, these myths are easily dispelled with a small bit of fact checking. They do not contain metal and they rotated in display cases due to tremors caused by nearby mining activity.

Other legends include that NASA verified them to be so perfectly balanced that they have to be non-natural.

With that legend in place, the pseudo-scientists moved in, making claims that intelligent beings roamed the earth 3 billion years ago, and that these beings made the spheres for religious or military purposes. Some even claim the spheres were an ancient form of information technology made by people millions of years before the first men and women walked the earth. (Atlas Obscura)

Still, with all the evidence, skepticism (and skepticism of the skepticism) persists.

However, at this point, it has yet to be proven conclusively either way as to whether these are legitimate OOP (Out Of Place) artifacts or not. Until these can be firmly debunked, I will leave with the other artifacts. You the reader must decide for yourself whether or not you think these are man-made. (Forbidden History)

Other myths include the idea that some other advanced civilization existed on Earth 3 Billion years ago and designed and created these spheres for a specific purpose. It’s easy to think that when looking at the example above, but the fact is that not all of the spheres are the same size and shape. They vary greatly and some are half formed, or fused with other spheres. So when looking at the whole, it’s hard not to see them as a really amazing natural occurrence.

Which isn’t to say that I wouldn’t read a book or see a movie that played out the thought experiment of them being made by aliens, or by our off-world, super intelligent human progenitors on a pre-civilization visit to our little blue dot. Albert Einstein said that, “Imagination is more important that knowledge,” but the more knowledge you have, the better your imagination should perform. Where do you think these spheres came from?



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  • Hi evry body refering tiny Pyrophylite sphere ,i find one of it in public place sea side ,at night and i simply ask my self if it was from earth origin ,children and guy would pickup it before i came to this public place ,that mean that it was falling at the same night before the sunrise of the next day ,it have the same color and the same grave on it and the same size and the weight is 1030 gms my email.