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Harry Wagner“Falling short of Sossusvlei, we stopped in Nawnub for the night. Much of the currently popular “overlanding” fad can trace its roots back to South Africa, and after staying at Nawnub and similar lodges, it is easy to see why. These ranches provide a place to park and camp for a small sum, and doing so entitles you to all of their facilities, which included flush toilets and hot showers at each of our stops. We don’t have a similar framework of businesses in the United States, which is a shame because I could camp in a rooftop tent and eat Ramen every night as long as I get a decent toilet and a hot shower.”

-Harry Wagner, Four Wheeler Mag

Howdy friends welcome to the All-Terrain Podcast, the show about going places where I, Mike Henderson, talk to adventure travelers of all kinds and ask them how they poop in the backcountry.

This is episode 1 and the voice you just heard is our guest today. He’s a writer and photographer who our 4×4 loving listeners have surely read over the last 15 or so years.

Harry Wagner writes about 4 Wheeling, hard core rock crawling and the associated vehicles for magazines like 4 Wheeler, Petersons 4 Wheel and Off Road, JP Magazine, ORA, Diesel Power and more.

He funds his adventures with a geophysics day job which takes him to remote areas for field work like Adak, Alaska (in the Aleutian Islands) and the Colorado high country where he worked at Camp Hale- outside Leadville and cleaning up unexploded ordnance at old military bases.

Harry is an Eagle scout who grew up camping and has lived in Venezuela and South Africa. Today you can find him on instagram @harrysituations or his website.

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