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Hello friends so glad to have you on the All-Terrain Podcast. This is the show about going places where I, Mike Henderson, invite adventure travelers of all kinds to come in so I can kick their tires.

This is episode 3 and today we’re talking with our friend Alex Bizzack. Alex is a student, and EMT who is ALWAYS out exploring the remote areas and ghost towns of Northern Nevada in his Dodge truck.

Posing with the truck bed tent. Photo by Alex Bizzack

You can find him on YouTube on the Full Size Overland channel where he chronicles his adventures through the epic landscapes of the west and talks about overlanding in a big truck and overlanding on a budget and Instagram @Truckerbizz. 


Jet Boil on the Tailgate. Photo by Alex Bizzack

If you have questions or comments for me or my guests please post a comment right here on the show notes. While you’re here look around and you’ll find  videos trip reports and more. You can also find us on instagram @allterrainpodcast.

All Terrain Podcast was created, produced, engineered, edited and managed by Mike Henderson. Special thanks to Chris Webster of the Archaeology Podcast Network and Colin Loretz of the Overwatch Hero Podcst.

The podcast is recorded at Reno Collective, a coworking community in Reno Nevada. Learn more at

Microphones supplied by Colin Loretz sound board belongs to Chris Webster.

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