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NOTE: I messed something up with the audio in this episode. Not sure what. But whenever I talk there’s a lot of popping noise. I cut out as much as I can, which is OK because it isn’t about me… SO bear with me, and enjoy. It’s worth a listen if you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to take a family trip in a Cruise America RV.

Hello friends so glad to have you back on the All-Terrain Podcast. If this is your first time, this is the show about going places where I, Mike Henderson, stop adventure travelers on the road and ask them for directions to burning man.

This is episode 4 and today we’re talking with an old friend about epic road tripping in a Cruise America RV. Cap’n Dave Johnson is an old school mountain biker, sailer, geologist, lab tech, dad, photographer and adventurer. Blow shit up at Sandia Labs.

Dave and I did field work back in college at the University of New Mexico where every week we drove up into the Jemez mountains of New Mexico to sample a couple hundred water wells on the Rio Calaveras. and we did that EVERY WEEK. Even in the snow.


Along the way we sat in hot springs, got field trucks stuck in the snow, ate burritos, got speeding tickets on the reservation and Dave even once blew the motor up in a suburban.

In this episode we hear about what it’s like to take an epic road trip in a 24 foot Cruise America RV.


PS I’m swamped with projects this week and it’s a miracle I was able to get this out in the first place, so I’ll update this post with more info from the podcast soon. I understand if the audio is too much to deal with.


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  • Yes, I actually HAVE wondered what it would be like to take an epic trip in one of those Cruise America RVs we see so often when we’re out tugging around our 26′ trailer.

    Really like this format and concept. It sounds very NPRish. You said you cut out your voice because of the extra unwanted sound effects but it leaves gaps in the audio. And your interviewing would have been a nice addition. Do you think it would be possible… if you did have more time…. to take the audio as it stands now and punch in your questions and comments as you were trying to do? I feel sure there is a way to combine what you have with an insert of your questions. Movies do this kind of stuff all the time.

    Still, I enjoyed this….