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You know that guy you saw on that muddy bike totally loaded down with bags and gear and water bottles miles and miles from anywhere? He may have been climbing up a long hill, barely moving, looking like he’d been out on the trail for days. Well we’re in luck. he’s here! And we’re gonna find out just what in the hell he thinks he’s doing.

Matt Reynolds Bikepacking
Matt Reynolds riding in the Bones to Blue Bikepacking race around Lake Tahoe.

Hello friends, I’m mike, this is episode 5 of the All-Terrain Podcast and today we’re not talking about mountain biking, or bike touring, or bike packing, we’re talking about bike packing racing…

Loaded down for Bikepacking
Matt’s carbon fiber GSR bike loaded down for bike packing. Only 36 pounds!

Specifically the experience of my guest, Matt Reynolds in this year’s Bones to Blue Bikepacking race. This is a 250 mile race with 50 thousand feet of climbing. It starts and ends in Truckee CA, and consists of two loops around Truckee and Lake Tahoe

27.5 Plus tire with a stick stuck in it.
27.5 Plus tire with a stick stuck in it.

Matt Reynolds is an super strong cyclist, bikepacker, old school 4 wheeler, dad and data center analyst from Truckee California. Matt, thanks for joining me today!


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  • Mike, nice piece on a very narrow niche of mountain biking. One thing that Matt Reynolds has is an indomitable will to finish and the moxie to make that happen.