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This is episode 0 of a brand new podcast. This is the podcast about going places, and in this episode I kick off a series I’m calling “Overland Heroes” in which we’ll ask overlanders of all kinds about how they like to travel and learn a few things that we can use on our own expeditions.

Mike Henderson and his All Terrain FamilyJoining me in this episode is Chris Webster, mastermind of the Archaeology Podcast Network. Chris joined me in the studio as a guest interviewer for this episode. I figured since it was the prototype episode of the podcast, I’d be the test pig myself.

So the format for this episode is a basic Q/A that I’ll repeat with other overlanders and off roaders and hopefully we’ll hear some good stories and learn different ways to explore our planet.

The Questions

First off, there are only ten questions, at least I thought there were, I guess there are 11… Then Chris snuck one in at the end, and It’s a good one, so I think I’ll crank it up to 12.

The questions are the most common questions I see asked on Facebook groups, forums and reddit. I expect we’ll see that there as many different ways of overlanding as there are overlanders, but hopefully talking to one at a time will be a good way to do it.

  1. Family or friends? Who is in your overland crew?
  2. What is your overlanding vehicle?
  3. How do you carry your gear?
  4. What do you eat? Home Cooking or Backpacker food?
  5. Where do you sleep?
  6. Where do you poop?
  7. What recovery gear do you cary?
  8. On board shower or Lake?
  9. What do you use for communication?
  10. What do you use for navigation?
  11. What non-driving activities do you like on overlanding trips?

Here’s the survey I mentioned in the show. If you fill it out you’ll be able to see the results.

Podcast Sponsor

So my goal for this podcast is to be my own sponsor. Here on our website, in addition to lots of videos, reviews and trip reports, you’ll find a shop with hats, patches and stickers that celebrate the all-terrain lifestyle.

One product I think overlanders will like is the PatchHat. The PatchHat is a classic trucker hat with a 3 inch square of velcro sewn to the front panel where you can affix the many velcro-backed morale patches that you no doubt have languishing on the headliner of you rig where no one can see them.

Free your patches with the Patch Hat!

Right now listeners of the All Terrain Podcast can get 25% off with coupon code allterrainpodcast, all one word at


All Terrain Podcast was produced by Mike Henderson with help from Chris Webster from the Archeology Podcast Network, I could have done it without you, but, let’s face it, I probably wouldn’t have…

The podcast is recorded at Reno Collective, a coworking community in Reno Nevada. Learn more at

Microphones supplied by Colin Loretz sound board belongs to Chris Webster.

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