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Hello friends welcome to The All-Terrain Podcast. I usually record this intro around the fire in my backyard, but today we’re in the Denver International Airport. Not every trip is on country roads unfortunately.

somewhere out in wild Nevada… #landcruiser #IH8MUD #wildnevada

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Quick reminder to check the show notes on AllTerrainPodcast dot come for more information about the things discussed in this and every episode. And you may as well check out the store while you’re there if you like stickers, patches and hats.

Travel kit ;). #espressoforge , #espresso, #inkercups

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Today we’re talking to Dan Streight, a local Reno Overlander, backcountry gourmet, fly fisherman, hiker and amateur barista with a passion for espresso in the backcountry. You can find Dan on Instagram and follow his culinary exploits at home and afield at @streight8
Dan was sent to us by our friend Harry Wagner, who you met in episode 1 of this show. Know someone we should talk to? Hit me up on the website and let me know.

Making camp espresso…

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Alright, here’s episode 6 with Dan Streight.

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